Sunday, December 20, 2009

Got a Shovel?

About 20 inches of snow fell on us yesterday (I don't know the official number yet), the biggest snowstorm of my life. It was exciting and a little novel to feel like I couldn't go out at all. My roommate, who is both more adventurous than me and in possession of a large SUV, ventured out and returned with reports of seeing cars stuck all over the roads.

It was pretty great to have an excuse to stay in, pool food with our friends next door, and eat, talk, watch movies, and read books the past couple of days. I am feeling well-rested and relaxed, despite having spent a good hour (hour and a half maybe) shoveling our cars out today and 45 minutes shoveling the walk last night. It did take some negotiating to get ourselves a shovel--it turns out none of us had a good one (really bright of us), and shovels were in high demand in our neighborhood today! It was kind of fun to walk outside and see half the neighborhood working on a common task: move the pile behind your car (created by the oh-so-helpful snow plow) and toss the snow in the least obstructive place, such as the lawn or the island in the middle of the parking lot.

At this point, I'm waiting to see if I'll still have to work tomorrow. I'm normally a big fan of snow days, as they seem like a gift: if we only have our pre-scheduled three per year, we never have to make them up. After two days inside and lots of rest, I'm ready to get out again. Who thought I'd ever say that?

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