Saturday, January 30, 2010

Movies From Childhood: Xanadu

Thanks to a series of youtube posts from my little sister on facebook, I've been on an '80's kick lately. Allow me to share one of my favorite childhood memories: "Xanadu."

The nine muses of Greek mythology make an appearance in Venice, California in order to inspire a lackluster artist and a washed up clarinetist to create an oeuvre only conceivable in the early '80's: a roller disco with a touch of '40's class. Yep, I've seen this again recently and it is utterly terrible: incoherent concept, laughable screenplay, and the worst acting imaginable. The costuming, art direction, and dancing, however, are pretty interesting (kind of like an extended music video), and I'm sure this is why my sister Jen and I loved this so much. The fact that we revered this movie so much goes a long way towards explaining the crazy dance-aholics we are!

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