Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Here's To You, Fairfax County Taxpayers!

Today was kind of rotten. Because I teach at a school with such a small ESOL population, I teach the same students for 3 periods. They are generally not bad kids, but they see each other (and me) all the time, I think we've all gotten a little too casual lately, and today they were just punks. I confess that I had a few moments where mild expletives may have been whirling through my brain in reference to my students, which frankly does not happen often. I would say that today was the worst day of teaching I've had for about 2 1/2 years--definitely NOT the worst ever (that would hands down be summer school 2007) but a low point. I also was at school from 6:45 to 5:00, which happens more often than I would like. So my title refers to the great deal Fairfax County taxpayers get in employing me--I definitely earned my paycheck today!

Just as a side note, on my way home from the crazy day I stopped at the gym. On Saturday I saw advertisements for my gym reading "6 months free!" Then I went in today and there were no parking spots and no treadmills open. So here is the angry letter I composed in my head:

"Dear X-Sport Fitness,

While I realize that your business plan, naturally, is to suck as much money out of me and as many other people as you possibly can, it annoys me that you are giving away free months while I am dutifully paying for what is already limited space. I am hereby withdrawing my membership because I refuse to be treated in such a manner. And also because I am spiteful, crave revenge, and I want you to beg me to come back just like the Washington Post did when I canceled my subscription.


Fed Up"

I'll never send it. I was over my rage five minutes later when a treadmill spot opened up. I guess you know you have a pretty easy life when your worst day in a while consists of snotty teenagers and a crowded gym!

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