Saturday, January 12, 2013

Why I Love Nutella

I LOVE Nutella, so much so that I have to avoid buying it because I know that my lack of self-control means that I'll eat it in mass quantities until I realize with simultaneous relief and dismay that it's completely gone.  Here is why I love it so:
  • It is one of the rare things in life that is better than I think it will be: the texture and flavor are more delicious than I expect.  It never disappoints.  How many things in life are like that?
  • I don't eat it very often.  The fact that it comes in a large-ish jar, which I know from experience that I can consume in a couple of days, means that I never buy it.  I get it from time to time as a gift, or I order it on crepes.  This rarity makes it an extra-special treat.  
  • When I'm eating it, it is such a sensuous delight that all unpleasant feeling disappear.  I feel no pain, no sorrow, no unhappiness--only pure pleasure.  As a chronic worrier, this respite is welcome indeed.  It's my drug of choice.  
And in closing, read this description of the origin of Nutella.  Sometimes, a shortage can be a beautiful thing.  


robin marie said...

you and christian would get along really well! every time i make bread he requests non-rosemary bread so you can slather nutella on it!

Czechdeb said...

Ha! Smart man. Although rosemary bread sounds pretty good, too.