Thursday, February 28, 2013

Captain EO

A friend's post recently reminded me of this, which was at Disneyland back in the late 80's and 90's.  Yes!  It's a slapdash pastiche of Star Wars and "Thriller!", with a bonus happy ending where creepy robots with scary hoses turn into hose-less non-creepy robots , bad guys turn into eighties dudes with big hair, cluttered, shadowy electronic poles morph into Greek columns, and the whole dark garage-y place suddenly becomes an outdoor technicolor paradise.  And--what the what--Angelica Huston is in this thing, too--and Francis Ford Coppola directed it?  Weird.

Michael Jackson was just so amazing.  Wow.  Even ripping off his Thriller/Bad self.


robin marie said...

Haha. Captain EO is pretty rad. I was also shocked to realize Angelica Huston was in it! Bonkers. It totally made me want to dance though!

Czechdeb said...

Agreed! And the truth is I loved it back when it was at Disneyland and I kind of love it still.