Monday, November 2, 2009

In Her Own Words: A Student Tells About Immigration

Unedited student essay on the topic, "What are some reasons that people immigrate to the United States? You can use your own personal experiences in your writing." (When noting her tendency to run-on sentences and fragments, keep in mind that the student had interrupted schooling in her home country, as she alludes to).

"The people come to United States to find a good job because maybe in their country there are not works and the people can not buy food because each day is more expensive and they decide to come on here to work hard and send money for their families because with one day that they work here is how if worked one week in their country.

"Also, the people come to find a better education for their childrens, because in his country the children do not have a better education because his family do not have money to buy the books shoes or them uniform to go to school, and also they do not have money, to give them, to buy food in the school. And the childrens do not want to go to school. They want that his childrens are here. because this country is the country of the oportunities. For the immigrants to be someone in the life."


If I wasn't mormon... said...

Is it strange that I found that touching and eye-opening?

Czechdeb said...

No--I did too! That's why I posted it. I love so much how even with such simple language she was able to write so poignantly about her experience.