Monday, February 22, 2010

Super Combined Skiing Versus Ice Dancing

I just watched last night's Olympic coverage on our digital recorder. The mens' super combined? Breathtaking feat of skill, agility, strength, timing, and quick reflexes. Interspersed was ice dancing: Russians dressed in fake Aborigine costumes, grimacing and doing fancy footwork. Certainly ice dancing takes coordination, skill, hours of practice. But if it's an Olympic sport, why not add ballroom dancing? Ballet? Cheerleading? Perhaps, as a friend pointed out, the Summer Olympics equivalent is synchronized swimming. So the rule must be that it is a sport if you're not doing it on a traditional surface (i.e. "the ground"). As the same friend pointed out (thanks, Jenica), we do have trampoline. High-flying trapeze, anyone?


two forks said...

i love that you posted this! i was saying the exact same thing last night to christian! those outfits were totally something out of "strictly ballroom" !!

Mademoiselle H said...

I got a mention on the blog! Yay! I almost texted you when I saw the ridiculous. I think we should make stickers that say "Trapeze for Sochi 2014" Or t-shirts!

Mademoiselle H said...

Or maybe it is more appropriate for London 2012--I guess it's not really a winter sport. But doing it in the winter could make the winter games more inclusive!