Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Things to do during a snow day . . . make that a snow week!

1. Read
2. Play online boggle
3. Catch up on lesson plans
4. Taxes
5. Clean out the refrigerator (only--rats!--they aren't picking up trash because there's no curb anymore!)
6. Play online boggle
7. Call your sister
8. Check your email obsessively
9. Play online boggle
10. Check netflix in the vain hopes that an excellent looking movie will be on the "watch instantly" feature
11. Try youtube for movies you have an inkling to watch that aren't on netflix "watch instantly"
12. Eat your neighbors' baked goods
13. Shovel. And then shovel again!
14. Play online boggle
15. Kitchen dance parties
16. Write the mundane details of your boring life on your blog
17. Play online boggle

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